Child Sexual Assault 360

Training featuring three professional perspectives on understanding, investigating,
 prosecuting and supervising adults who commit sexual assault on children.

KBSolutions has teamed with attorney Larry Braunstein  and Brittish criminologist Dr. Graham Hill to
provide  fast-paced, cutting edge training on sexual assault on children.  All three presenters are internationally recognized as experts in their field.

The training can be either in-person or as a webinar. It is designed to be “hosted” by agencies (LE, CAC, Prosecutors, Probation/Parole) and is presented live so attendees can interact with the presenters.

The on-going global pandemic has highlighted the rise in incidents of child sexual abuse, and the urgent need for training in the area of understanding, investigating, prosecuting and supervising adults who commit sexual assaults. We have joined forces to provide a cost effective, information-filled training which will help agencies meet their training needs.

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What attendees have said about the training

“Wonderful! Best training I have attended all year, heck all decade.” (Law Enforcement)

“I really liked that there were 3 instructors and that there was even some debate amongst the three,
showing different perspectives.” (CAC staff)

“I have been with the County Attorney as support staff for almost 18 years and this has been
 the best conference I have attended.” (Prosecutor)

“I enjoyed watching the friendship and respect you three displayed and your humor
discussing what is a deadly serious subject.  (CAC Board Member)

Trident Training