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KBSolutions staff are proven leaders in program development within criminal justice systems. We have developed and implemented numerous innovative and successful programs over the past 48 years.

KBSolutions president, Jim Tanner, was the principal author in developing the programs at Correctional Management, Inc. (CMI). In 1996, a national expert, Dr. Patricia Van Voorhis of the University of Cincinnati, along with representatives of local county government, reviewed all aspects of CMI’s programs. 

Utilizing the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory (CPAI) developed by Dr. Paul Gendreau, Dr. Van Voorhis compared CMI’s programs to the “ideal program”. In her report to Boulder County Government she indicated that when compared to other programs in the United States and Canada, CMI was one of the top three based upon the CPAI.  She went on to state “In comparison to results achieved by other programs, then, CMI’s scores are superior.”

Regarding CMI’s assessment model and program plan model, she states “...the assessment model developed by [Dr. Tanner] scored a 93 percent on the assessment scale of the CPAI.  This indicates that the program model is not simply comprehensive, but rather is comprehensive in a way that has been noted to translate into program effectiveness and fit the ‘state of the art’ in correctional practice.”

The following are some of the agencies who have utilized or recognized Dr. Tanner’s criminal justice expertise:

United States Department of Defense
United States Secret Service
United States Department of Justice
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers
Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
National Association of Criminal Justice Planners
National Association of Counties
Center for Sex Offender Management
American Probation and Parole Association
Ohio Department of Youth Services
National Association of Attorneys General
Project Safe Childhood
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
High Technology Crime Investigation Association
Tennessee Probation and Parole Department
Sex Offender Unit of Las Vegas, NV Probation
Jefferson County Crime Commission (Louisville, KY)
Colorado Youthful Offender Services (State DOC)
Seven Step Foundation
Colorado Association of Community Corrections Boards
Boulder County Safehouse
Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center (Colorado)
Boulder County Government
Teaching Humane Existence Sex Offender Treatment Program
20th Judicial District Probation Department, State of Colorado

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