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The following files are in Adobe Acrobat  (PDF) format.  They may be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. It may be downloaded free.

USE NOTICE: The work listed below is original and copyrighted material.  It is published here and available free in the hope it may be of  use to those who work in the Justice System.  I hereby give permission for anyone to use, disseminate, or quote the resources found on this page, in whole or in part,  provided the material is properly cited noting the source and original author(s). 




This paper explores the patterns of behavior sex offenders use to groom victims and the victim’s environment.

Colorado Special Conditions Report

This document contains a research paper and associated materials related to Colorado Special Conditions for Sex Offenders.

P2P Prosecution Paper

This paper examines prosecution decisions regarding youth in possession of ‘age appropriate’ content that meets the Dost criteria as being exploitive.

Why Do People Molest Children?

We get asked that question all the time.  While there is no simple answer, here are some ideas on how to help the public understand a very complex issue.  (85k)

Rethinking “Don’t Touch”

This paper presents an argument for the use of Live-Box investigation of computers under certain circumstances.  (35k)

Fantasy in Chat

A short paper on how to assess risk relative to fantasy and role play in chat cases. (24k)

Porn as Contraband         

This paper presents an argument for the prohibition of a convicted sex offender viewing or possessing any sexual material. (30k)

Beyond Prosecution:
Improving Sex Offender Computer Management

This file contains an overview of how to examine a convicted sex offender’s computer. (87k)

Rethinking Computer Management

This file contains a paper discussing the management of convicted sex offenders’ computers. (233k)

14 Factors Indicating Higher Risk Offenders

This paper  identifies 14 factors when found on a computer indicate higher risk of resistance to treatment and higher risk of recidivism. 

Sexting Decision Grid

A simple grid to assist in making charging decisions regarding Sexting

Need For Computer Monitoring  

This file contains a grid developed by Dr. Stephen Brake and Dr. Jim Tanner. The grid proposes the level of need for computer monitoring of convicted sex offenders. (17k)

This file is a one page comparison of prosecution forensics and management forensics. (73k)

This file contains the current intake agreement used by KBSolutions during forensic intakes of probationer’s computers. (53k)

This file contains a handout which simplifies cognition. (10k)


This file contains a handout which specifies the assumptions and elements of good cognitive programs. (9k)

This file contains three handouts which briefly discuss when to use cognitive programs, what to look for when buying, and things to think about when creating cognitive programs. (13k)

This file contains a one page overview of the Ask Twice method of keeping case management focused. (7k)

This file contains a handout which traces the path leading to high risk situations. (9k)

This file contains a one page table which traces 8 models of corrections in the United States. The table covers the Revenge model in antiquity through Restorative Justice currently. (13k)

This file contains a one page checklist I use when reviewing sex offender files.  It summarizes Hanson’s risk criteria as well as some positive measures of willingness to comply with treatment.(16k)

This file contains a two page sexual behavior checklist. The list is used to help determine sexual history of offenders during intake by Probation Officers. (8k)

Colorado Sex Offender T&Cs

This file contains the 2018 Colorado Terms and Conditions for Sex Offenders on Probation. (148k)

This file contains an example contract for Sex Offenders who are allowed access to the Internet. This agreement is provided as a template.  Agencies should consult their legal counsel before implementing this agreement.  (6k)

This file contains the current intake agreement used by KBSolutions for employers who own computers used by probationers.  (52k)

This file contains two pages of information drawn from the Employment Skills unit of Quick Skills. It is designed to improve job interview skills. (11k)

This file contains a two page summary of currently used psychoactive drugs. (16k)