KBSolutions provides computer forensic investigations as well as consultation and training in various aspects of cyber crime.  We specialize in sex offender management as it relates to cyber criminal activities.  We do not provide forensic services in civil matters.

“Managing Sex Offenders’ Computer Use”
(Course previously funded by NLECTC)

  Class Outline

Article on the class in Winter 2005 issue of TechBeat (page 5)

KBSolutions Training

Sex Offenders and the Internet
In-depth information about sex on the Internet. Legitimate (and legal) adult sites are differentiated from sites which contain illicit materials. Training in the five ways sex offenders access explicit materials on the internet, and routine methods they use to recruit prospective victims on the web.

Survey of Available Methods of Cyber Supervision and Investigation.
An overview of the existing software which can be used to monitor the computer usage of convicted sex offenders. Assistance is provided in choosing correct methods of cyber supervision.  ..

Supervision Strategies for Sex Offenders
Advanced training in supervision strategies for managing sex offenders - includes training in SSOTR, constructing computer contracts for offenders under supervision, and cyber supervision techniques. The resources page on this site contains a downloadable form of a computer agreement for sex offenders.

Forensic Computer Investigations
We provide a wide variety of computer forensic services including, but not limited to, forensic Probation intake services, monitoring services for individuals on probation/parole computer contracts, full forensic investigations (including acquisition of best copy images and full analysis of contents).  Computer Forensic Investigations and reports are provided using EnCase(tm), FTK(tm),   or X-Ways Forensic(tm). A current price list is available here.

Satisfied clients include: 

Center for Sex Offender Management
American Probation and Parole Association
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
U.S. Probation and Parole
Probation/Parole Departments in 29 US States
U.S. Department of Justice - National Advocacy Center
Southeast Cyber Crime Summit
National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law
National Association of Attorneys General
HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association)
Judicial Department, State of Colorado
Colorado Department of Corrections
Colorado Association of Sex Crime Investigators
State of Kansas
Irish Penal Reform Trust

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